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Ecology at the Hotel Fux in Oberammergau

The “green thumb” is particularly important to us as Hotel Fux.

We are aware of our responsibility in today’s “throw-away society” as an accommodation provider and are committed to ecology.

We too cannot completely do without disposable plastic. Anyone who claims this is “swindling”. But to strive to improve a little bit every month, that is our way, which we have been following for more than 20 years.

Announcements are one thing, actual facts another.

We want to score here with our facts:

Domestic hot water with solar energy

Since 2003 our domestic water has been heated with solar energy.

Brauchwasser mit Solarenergie - Hotel Fux Oberammergau

Ammergau Alps breakfast

Since 2012 we have been offering the regional “Ammergauer Alpen Frühstück“.

Ammergauer Alpen Frühstück - Hotel Fux Oberammergau

Electricity with photovoltaics

Since 2013 we have been producing our own electricity with photovoltaics.

Strom mit Photovoltaik - Hotel Fux Oberammergau

Climate Neutral Laundry

Since 2013 we have been purchasing our laundry climate-neutrally from Greiff Textile Rental systems.


Klimaneutrale Wäsche - Hotel Fux Oberammergau

Environmental Pact Bavaria

We have been a member of the Environmental Pact of Bavaria since 2013.

Umweltpakt Bayern - Hotel Fux Oberammergau

Green electricity

Green electricity from the network operator: As far as possible we purchase our green electricity from the local electricity operator “Alois” Ammer-Loisach Energie.


Ökostrom - Ammer-Loisach Energie - Hotel Fux Oberammergau

Clean landscape

Since 2015, the head of the house has been supporting the local landscape conservation with the campaign “Ramadama” – keyword clean landscape.

Ramadama - Hotel Fux Oberammergau Saubere Landschaft - Hotel Fux Oberammergau

Local climate protection

Local climate protection of flowering meadows and Eh-Da areas until the expansion of public transport. We as Hotel Fux support sensible measures for climate protection.


Örtlicher Klimaschutz - Hotel Fux Oberammergau

No minibar

“Deliberately dispensing with mini-bars in the rooms is one thing, but deliberately using LEDs throughout the house since 2012 is another”. We think both are right!