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Ammergau Alps Nature Park

Ammergau Alps Nature Park

The Ammergau Alps Nature Park is 227 km² large, on the edge of the Bavarian Alps. In July 2017 the region was declared a nature park by the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment / Consumer Protection.

Naturpark Ammergauer Alpen

Copyright: Naturpark Ammergauer Alpen e.V.

Landscape and location

The Ammergauer Alpen Nature Park comprises the municipalities of Unterammergau, Oberammergau, Ettal, Saulgrub/, Bad Kohlgrub and Bad Bayersoien as well as the Ettaler Forst area of the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, which is not a municipality. The area of the Ammergau Alps Nature Park is characterised by five landscapes:

Moorland landscape, wild river landscape, meadow landscape, forest landscape and mountain landscape.

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Sights in the nature park

  • Alpine mountain pines High moor
  • Bunting breakthrough “Scheibum”
  • woodcarving
  • Hörnle chairlift
  • Church of St. Peter and Paul
  • Ettal Monastery
  • Crucifixion Group
  • Laber mountain railway
  • Lüftlmalerei
  • Passion Theatre Oberammergau
  • Grinding mill clamps Unterammergau
  • Linderhof Castle
  • Lake Soier in Bad Bayersoien

Protected areas

There are the following protected areas and geotopes in the Ammergau Alps Nature Park:

  • Boulder near Bad Bayersoien (180R001)
  • Protected Landscape Area Conservation of the Soiener Lake and its surroundings with 222 ha (LSG-00015.01)
  • Nature reserve Altenauer Moor with 58 ha (NSG-00097.01)
  • Nature reserve Ammergebirge with 11.045 ha (NSG-00274.01)
  • Ammerschlucht Nature Reserve at the Echelsbach Bridge with 10 ha (NSG-00077.01)
  • Nature reserve Ammerschlucht gorge in the area of the Scheibum with 21 ha (NSG-00066.01)
  • Ettaler Weidmoos nature reserve with 155 ha (NSG-00166.01)
  • Nature reserve Kochel-Filz near Unterammergau with 90 ha (NSG-00312.01)
  • Pulvermoos nature reserve with 129 ha (NSG-00129.01)
  • Sand mining at Burgbichl near Unterammergau (180A016)
  • Grinding mill gorge near Unterammergau with 1 ha (180A015)
  • Whetstone quarries near Unterammergau (180G004)


The nature park comprises the area of the municipalities of Bad Bayersoien, Bad Kohlgrub, Ettal and the non-urban area of Ettaler Forst, Saulgrub/Altenau, Oberammergau and Unterammergau. The Ammergauer Alpen GmbH is the tourism organisation of these six villages. The aim of this tourism organisation is to give guests an understanding of the diversity of the region. In 2018 the Ammergauer Alps region recorded more than 806,000 overnight stays and over 238,000 arrivals.

Ammergau Alps Nature ParkWhat is the best way to get to the Ammergau Alps Nature Park?

Of course with the public transport, the Deutsche Bahn!