ECO Tourism – our effort to help saving the planet – The bavarian ECO Seal

Dezember 14th 2013

We are serious in aspects of Ecology and recycling.

LED lights, solar power for electricity, Photovoltaik solar power for warm water, newest gas heating technology, heat pump dryers, A++ LED television technology, highest recycle standards, or just the every day effort to avoid plastic packings. All that in a package follows our idea of keeping the environment as it is and not making it worse. We try hard, it is recognized from the highest authority in state with this award:

Umweltsiegel / Umweltpakt Bayern


Umweltsiegel Bayern

Umweltsiegel Bayern

Was andere Gäste über unser Haus sagen...

  • Great little hotel in town of Oberammergau. Right in the city center with own parking. The room was nice , with our own little balcony. The owner was very friendly and helpful.

    James M , 2015

  • Das Apartment war sauber, komfortabel und gut ausgestattet. Aber am meisten ausgezeichnete Teil, im Fereinhaus Fux ist...

    Costela, 2015

  • wir hatten hier im Winter uebernachtet. Es sind grosse saubere Apartments. Wir hatten eines unterm Dach mit Balkon. Man hatte einen schoenen Blick in den Ortskern....

    BrunoldL , 2015